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Northern Colorado Pain Management Specialist

Non-surgical pain management options: we don’t rest until you do

Are you dealing with . . .

  • Chronic back or neck pain?
  • Migraine or other chronic headaches?
  • Pain that radiates down arms or legs?
  • Diabetic Peripheral Foot Nerve Pain?
  • Knee & Joint Pain?
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?
  • Undiagnosed chronic pain?
  • Managing pain with medication?

Don’t go through it alone

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We are the Pain Specialists of Brighton

Helping alleviate or reduce your chronic pain is what we do.

We have seen the consequences of untreated and undertreated pain. We know the anguish it causes for individuals and their entire family. When you’re in chronic pain, you can feel isolated and hopeless.

You shouldn’t have to be alone on this journey. We are here to help!
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Why us?


We’re here for you. Our Brighton clinic location serves local communities from northeast Denver through northeast Colorado. We believe you deserve someone who has dedicated their practice to being around not just on a part time basis and who will still be there to work with you on an ongoing basis. We built relationships—you can count on us!


Our approach is comprehensive—we spend the time to properly diagnose the root cause of your pain so we understand what treatment options will best help you. We explain what’s going on every step of the way and make sure you know what to expect from each treatment option. We follow up with you, your caregivers, and your health team so they can be informed and help support you.


We understand how pain can isolate you from friends and family, who want to help but don’t know how. We care about your pain, and we also care about your pain beyond the pain itself. We want our patients to view us as true partners and be able to communicate their frustrations, experiences, and wishes at every point in their pain management journey.
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About our clinic

Pain Specialists of Brighton is a center of hope in the Brighton and surrounding communities of Colorado for helping people manage chronic pain. Founded by Jeff Toups, CRNA, and Fellowship Trained in Non-Surgical Pain Management, brings over 20 years of experience in non-surgical treatments to address your needs. We know the effects chronic pain has on your life, and your loved ones’ lives, and we can help!
Comprehensive pain management includes getting a thorough understanding of your personal situation and pain so we can diagnose the root of the problem. We then recommend and deliver the methods of pain relief that best fit you and your individual condition. We often have many options available and will explain and explore all of them with you, so you feel comfortable understanding what the approach is.

The bottom line is clear: we want to help you feel better so your quality of life is improved!
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". . . consider then that the alleviation of unnecessary pain and suffering is a good . . . To the best of my ability, I will act in a manner that leads to the alleviation of unnecessary pain and suffering. "
–Peterson, J. B., Doidge 12 Rules for Life: An antidote for chaos
This is one of the things that drives us and an axiom that we aim to bring to everyone.


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8 am - 6 pm
8 am - 6 pm
8 am - 6 pm
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