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Pain Specialists of Brighton is the center of hope for pain sufferers in the Brighton community and Colorado’s Front Range. By partnering with healthcare providers, we work as a team to find solutions for chronic pain other than surgery and prescription drugs like opioids, which are rarely the first answer. We analyze the root cause of your pain and explore various treatment options that might not have been offered to you before. There is no magic bullet here—just an exacting knowledge of anatomy and the body’s complex nervous systems, plus a skilled hand at manipulating pain channels and restoring equilibrium. We use the latest advances in high-tech imaging and research to guide our practice.

Our goal is to actually improve your quality of life, not just make it tolerable.

Jeff Toups, Owner of Pain Specialist of Brighton, Colorado.
Jeff Toups, Owner of Pain Specialist of Brighton, Colorado.
Jeff Toups, Founder of Pain Specialist of Brighton

Jeffrey Toups is a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) with more than 20 years in acute pain management and has completed the Advanced Pain Management Fellowship from Texas Christian University. As the lead clinician at Pain Specialists of Brighton, his success in addressing pain control is rooted in his empathetic approach of seeing each patient as a whole person. He understands that pain has a disabling effect not only on the sufferer, but also on his or her circle of family, friends, and caregivers.

Jeff founded Pain Specialists of Brighton because he saw a need for a more comprehensive pain-management approach.  His deep concern about the opioid crisis and his years of experience in physically alleviating pain caused by a variety of conditions are the basis of his practice. He knows there are better ways to deal with pain than resorting to addictive pain medications. Among them are ultrasound-guided and x-ray-guided injections, nerve blocks, and ablative treatments.

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We are in-network with most insurance carriers. Please give us a call at 720-823-0123 or contact us to verify eligibility.

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